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The Original Rainbow Loom: A Colorful Comeback at the Australian Toy Fair

We are thrilled to announce that the original Rainbow Loom is making a vibrant return at the upcoming Australian Toy Fair. ToyNetworks is incredibly proud to be collaborating with Rainbow Pacific for this exciting re-launch.

A Rainbow Revival

The Rainbow Loom, a beloved creative tool that has sparked the imaginations of millions around the world, is set to dazzle once again. Known for its ability to transform colorful rubber bands into intricate bracelets, rings, and other accessories, the Rainbow Loom has been a staple in the creative toy industry.

A Partnership Forged in Fun

ToyNetworks and Rainbow Pacific have joined forces to bring back this iconic toy. Our partnership is rooted in a shared commitment to fostering creativity and imagination. We believe that the Rainbow Loom is more than just a toy—it’s a tool that empowers children to express themselves, learn new skills, and have fun.

Unveiling at the Australian Toy Fair

The grand unveiling of the Rainbow Loom’s return will take place at the Australian Toy Fair. This event is renowned for showcasing the latest and greatest in the toy industry, making it the perfect platform for the Rainbow Loom’s comeback.

We invite everyone to join us at the Australian Toy Fair to witness the exciting return of the Rainbow Loom. Let’s weave a colorful future together!

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to loop, weave, and wear your creativity with the original Rainbow Loom!

ToyNetworks is proud to be a part of this colorful journey. Together with Rainbow Pacific, we are excited to bring back the joy and creativity that the Rainbow Loom inspires.

Come see us at the Fair!

Images by Rainbow Loom ( - check out their website for some amazing tutorials

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