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Australian 2024 Toy Fair: A Showcase of Innovation and Independent Trade

The Australian Toy Fair, held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MECC) this month, was a vibrant event that brought together industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. This trade-only event showcased an impressive array of exhibitors, including the noteworthy VTech, BMS Brands, Loumet Toys, YoYo Factory, and Ideal Sources.

Spotlight on VTech and BMS Brands

Loumet Toys and YoYo Factory

Ideal Sources New to The fair in 2024


Innovation First, Silverlit, and AID

Innovation First, a global leader in educational and competitive robotics products, showcased their Little Tikes range. The range is designed to provide children with an interactive and fun learning experience.



The 2024 Australian Toy Fair was a celebration of the toy industry’s creativity, innovation, and commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. The event highlighted the importance of independent trade and the role it plays in fostering a diverse and vibrant toy market. As we look forward to future fairs, we remain committed to supporting independent retailers and promoting local and fair trade practices in the toy industry.

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